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Video analysis


Perform’Live uses science to capture and analyze skaters’ videos, helping them optimize techniques and win championships. Contact our top expert, Arnaud Muccini, at your training or workshop for the external perspective needed to surpass performance plateaus.

Working with Arnaud:

  • provides an Olympic-grade coach and video analysis for technique and performance review.
  • Access high-precision tech tools supported by our expansive database, Shapes Score System©, and video library.
  • Tailors all solutions to your specific skater profile and technique.
  • Promotes skater growth through an outside perspective.
  • Enhances the understanding of jump techniques.

Incorporate advanced analysis systems and data-focused methods into your training routine.

Contact us with your current situation- including training frequency and skater attributes, desired performance objectives, and more- for a tailored quote.

All figure skating development services start at €300.00

Your final price will depend on how long we spend on the ice daily, the number of working days, your location, and travel time, among others.

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Arnaud stands out for his unparalleled attention to detail. His meticulous methodology and attention to detail are reflected in every aspect of his work. He always emphasizes precision, thus contributing to the constant improvement of our methods.


Its availability is also a significant asset. Arnaud always makes himself available to discuss, collaborate, and share his knowledge. This creates a dynamic work environment and encourages the free flow of ideas, strengthening our ability to innovate and progress as a team.


In addition, Arnaud’s open-minded nature greatly enriched our discussions and opened new perspectives in our approach to improving jumping techniques for athletes. His open-mindedness encourages a constant exchange of innovative ideas, thus creating a climate conducive to learning and development.

Marc-Andre Craig is the founder and director of Academie Performace Isatis (Chambly, Canada).

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