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Figure skating


Perform’Live employs a science-based approach to capturing your videos and analyzing every bit that gives skaters and coaches a chance to optimize their technique and win championships.

Get in touch with Arnaud Muccini, our leading expert, during your training camp or workshop to provide the external view every skater needs to move beyond their performance plateaus.
Working with Arnaud;

  • Gives you an Olympics-level trainer and video analyst to review your technique and performance.
  • Grants you access to high-precision technology tools supported by our vast database, Shapes Score System©, and video library, among others.
  • Tailors all solutions to your specific skater profile and technique.
  • Enhances skater development with an external point of view
  • Improves your understanding of the skating motions and how to optimize your performance on the ice.

Integrates advanced analysis systems and data centricity into your workshop, camp, or regular training regime.

Contact us with your current situation- including training frequency and skater attributes, desired performance objectives, and more, to receive a tailored quote.

All figure skating development services start at €300.00

Your final price will depend on how long we spend on the ice daily, the number of working days, your location, and travel time, among others.

Figure skating


Find Lasting Solutions. Together.

Perform’Live collaborates with top figure skating coaches in a workshop-like arrangement to resolve top issues together.

Including Arnaud in your coaching team makes solving a skater’s motion inefficiencies easier.

The coach can also learn from Arnaud’s vast experience across regions. Or his keen analytical approach to figure skating training and motion technique. Continuous learning from an on-hand technical consultant with far-reaching experience, support, and knowledge benefits both the coach and the skater.

  • Advanced video analysis – based on jump technique database, Shapes Score System©, and video library.
  • Advanced Stromotion – based on the video quality and camera angle.
  • Online video calls – Online consultations and support.
  • Specific video exercises are suggested to help your skater.
  • Essential skating resources – e.g., a free digital copy of Figure Skating: Jumps Techniques, The guide to understanding the mechanics of the figure skating jumps.

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