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Figure skating:  Jumps techniques

The guide to understanding
the mechanics of the figure skating jumps
First edition v1.1
This book attempts to bring all together with the knowledge, observations and notes the author has collected for many years. Arnaud Muccini gives some essential key points to understand the mechanics of the jumps.

There is one jump mechanic and different jump techniques with many possible variations.

The best technique is the most effective one with the highest success rate possible adapted to the athlete’s unique and specific body qualities.

Working with data averages and percentages helps get a clear view of what is feasible according to the athlete’s profile.

A must-read if you teach jumps!
Mark Fitzgerald, American coach and owner of Rink Tank Interactive LLC (


Loving using your book. It’s a fantastic resource; it helped me explain things more succinctly and use diagrams and visual aids!
Kara Burrows, Australian coach (NCAS Level 1)

The 3 common mistakes skaters  make in jumps and how to correct them.

The guide for coaches who want to correct their skaters effectively.

A figure skating jump is a sum of complex and combined movements. Some coaches look at the result instead of the problem’s source.

Do you have a problem solving the technical issues of your skater? This guide is for you. In this handbook, you will learn the three common mistakes skaters make and how to fix them quickly. We will show you the jump part you should look at and also a method to fix each technical issue.

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