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Quality vs Quad jumps?

After each competition, I’m looking for jumps I can extract and analyze. To do this, I read the judge’s detailed score carefully. I select the jump according to the camera angle and the Grade Of Execution (GOE) received. A GOE+3 is a minimum. If the camera angle is not correct to analyze, I keep the video clip to grow my video library.

I found something interesting when I looked at the Free Skating Women of the last Olympics. I displayed the average GOE with the technical content. The highest and the lowest GOE were removed in this average GOE system, respecting the ISU Judging System.

This kind of “heatmap” shows only one skater who earned a minimum of GOE+3 for each element. Anna Shcherbakova, from Russia, achieved this.

Even Kaori Sakamoto from Japan, who did a fantastic performance in this competition, had 2 elements with an average of GOE+2. She won the bronze medal, a surprising place because of the Russians’ dominance.

Is it a real surprise?

 Yes, the total Base Value of Valieva Kamila (77.71 points), Anna Shcherbakova (79.38 points), and Alexandra Trusova (95.39 points) is clearly higher than the other competitors. 

Meanwhile, the quality of execution must be the main focus.

Loena Hendrickx from Belgium took the most of this during the last major event she participated (2021 World Championships, 2022 European Championships). Unfortunately, her performance in the FS Beijing 2022 could be better. 

After reading this article, “How American Women Fell Behind In Skating’s Quad Era”, written by Kalyn Kahler, I would concentrate more on the quality before running for quad jumps.

If you rescore this event on, it will be a fundamental change.

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