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Maximize Skating Performance with Science-Based Coaching

Performance on the ice takes years to refine. Often, trainers and coaches need to understand why specific techniques work better than others. Enter Perform’Live — a “science-based approach to capturing video of skaters in motion, providing real-time analysis of every bit that gives your skater an edge.” With this program, skaters can now instantly see results from their training sessions on the ice, which helps them make crucial improvements to their technique for future competitions or champion titles.

Understand the technology behind Perform’Live.

Professional video camera with a powerful laptop are the equipement to do video analysis for figure skating.

Dartfish is the leader in video analysis solutions. Arnaud Muccini, founder and owner of Perform’Live, is an experienced and certified Dartfish user. With this powerful tool, Arnaud developed his own performance tools to understand how elite figure skaters move on the ice. Having a technological and scientific background helps decompose and analyze thousands of jumps. Detailing every aspect.

Evaluate your technique

Arnaud Muccini, video analysis expert for figure skating, is evaluating the jump technique of a skater. The skater is listening all the detail
See every detail and explain them and their consequences.

Assessing a jump without bias took much work to achieve. Thanks to Gerard Lenting, Strength and Conditioning head coach of the Chinese National Team of figure skating, from different meetings and research. Arnaud designed the shapes for the jumps. A professional coach Vern Gambetta defines shapes as postures, poses, and positions that effectively enable the athlete to produce and reduce force in the desired skill.

Shapes are the foundations of the jump, invariable.

Make adjustments

On the ice, Arnaud Muccini, high performance analyst for figure skating, comments the jump technique of the skater who is currently listening
On the ice, Arnaud Muccini, a high-performance figure skating analyst, comments on the skater’s jump technique.

It’s common to say that every human being is unique. We all agree with this fact. We move differently. In sports, applying this in daily training and technique is not standard. The coach must adapt his knowledge of his athlete and use the best and most effective method that fits the best skater. It’s where the study and research done by perform’Live is getting useful. Knowing and categorizing the different ways to jump helps offer the best solution to a figure skater.

Skate like you never have before

For example, offering a custom solution will benefit the skater by increasing his jump’s success rate.

It exists different philosophies about how a person moves. We can name Action Types and Volodalen, experts in natural motor preference. Arnaud Muccini has been raising awareness for many years. For example, he noticed that some skaters are using their upper body than their lower body to jump. And vice versa.

Arnaud Muccini is having a technical discussion about the work in progress with another online coach.
Technical discussion about the work in progress with another online coach.

Incorporating results for maximum growth.

Teamwork is a cornerstone of the Perform’Live working philosophy. The video analysis work done by Perform’Live must be understood by the coaches and integrated into the skater’s training regimen. Arnaud does a visual job. It helps the other figure skating coaches understand the suggestions and recommendations.

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