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How to optimize your performance?

First, what is optimization? It is about efficiency.

Efficiency in movement is a common term that has come with different meanings. But, to get a performance that uses the smallest amount of energy, the execution must be effective. This is also the question of the used technique. In other words, the way you are performing must get the best results and at the same time uses a small amount of energy.

This is not easy to do. Even world-class skaters spend much time improving their technique. As you develop greater strength and or other physical abilities, your style changes. As a result, the coach must adjust—the same strategy with the growth.



What is one of the biggest problems which are facing coaches? It is to teach the most effective technique according to the skater profile. Then, the next issue is how the skater maintains his technique.

Stability is related to posture. When a skater is performing a skill, he is in dynamic balance, not only maintaining posture.



The creation of a database aims to answer various questions, like “Am I teaching correctly?” “Does this position correct?”. A coach is a curious person. With such a tool, it is easier to make a jump for example more efficient. The skater is going to use the most common trajectory or turn.


The perfect example is the evolution of the toe-loop. It’s now normal to use a 3-turn outside forward. When I was a skater (a moment ago), I used to do the triple toe-loop with a 3-turn inside forward. The preparation of a quad toe-loop is done with a backward entrance. It gives more angular momentum. Boyang Jin, from China, did his quad with a forward preparation. He changed that this season.