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How to develop your video analysis skills?

Observation skills and video analysis skills must be distinguished. Video analysis is observed with the support and help of technology. I will show my working method, but in any case, I won’t be able to promote a specific solution. The methodology is the most important.

As a figure skating coach, I see and can detect problems without using technology. But smartphones and computers are part of our lives.


1. How to find new jumps

From various sources, you can download the different Figure Skating competitions. The judges’ score is the starting point for identifying which jump is interesting to extract. You should use video editing software to cut your video into short clips.


Find figure skating jumps with the ISU judges' score, then Extract the video clip with video editing software


2.  Observation of jumps

How a jump works, and how the skater uses the mechanics. It’s fascinating to see how a complex move is done. I highly recommend to use a video analysis software or a video player with a frame per frame option.


Comparison side by the side of a triple lutz executed by two international skaters


Write questions, be curious and then learn by yourself. If you want to know more, I wrote Figure Skating: Jumps techniques ( EBook version). The guide to understanding the mechanics of the figure skating jumps. Get a copy HERE. 


Notes written on a tablet

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