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How to transform numbers into words?

Recently, a computing engineer asked me few questions about data. He wanted to find a correlation between specific data and perfect jump.


To find this, I suggest doing a Performance follow-up. That’s the perfect tool. It requests to collect a lot of data during one part of the season or all. Which data? Duration? Angle? Record on which part of the jump? It must be repeatable and accurate.



Can the performance improvement be measured? That’s why having an in-depth understanding of data gives you the insights you need.

Collecting too much data can lead to a lack of precision because it takes time. The ideal is to collect enough data to see any performance variation. How to display data is also an important matter to take care of.

Because some people can be allergic to numbers when you read a massive excel sheet. Understandable. Better to get a translator.


“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple,” said Steve Jobs.


The flight time is one of the first data checked. Then the angular velocity of the snap. That is the skater’s ability to execute the acceleration of the rotation.

A coach rectifies or and adapts the skater’s posture. Besides the Perform’live database, a new tool is using to understand the jump better. It defines each part of the jump. This tool names “Shapes.”


The numbers do not lie. 

That is a fact. But data interpretation is the most crucial task for a video analysis coach. Turning raw data into powerful and clear instructions.

Transform collected numbers in words means interpreting according to the skater profile. Video helps to make reliable decisions.

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