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Are you really seeing movement?

How is your movement analysis? Do you have a critical eye? Many interesting questions you should keep in your mind.

The analytic processes you should use by which we can observe and correct movement.


Two parts to this phase:

1) break movement into phases. You must understand the biomechanical/technical critical factors for each phase; and

2) design your observation plan. How are you going to use your video equipment? (the angle of viewing, the shutter speed of the video camera, enough lighting, how many trials, etc.).


Observe the movement or parts of the movement, e.g., critical instant at the point of contact or put in place release.


Identify the errors and rate them as primary or secondary errors.


Choose which primary error occurs early in the movement. This error has flow-on effects on other phases.

As you see, it can have a pervasive influence on how we do things. It provides a process on how we can evolve ourselves and our practice.

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