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Video analysis workshop at Icelab

What a busy summer! It’s time to resume a bit of what happened. Last June, I did an advanced video analysis workshop at IceLab Bergamo. Excellent teamwork, happy to share and exchange with the Icelab team.

My main job is to collect data and transform numbers into clear and practical information to help skaters and coaches to reach their goals. As a coach and researcher, getting different opinions is always interesting. It’s an excellent way to enrich yourself and get a different perspective. With this particular approach, I created a unique database to identify each part of the jump clearly, what is feasible or not.

I worked with different technical levels—skaters learning triple or quad jumps. Matteo Rizzo, 16th at the last Winter Games, was focused on his quad loop (4Lo). He improved a lot this jump, especially the angular velocity and his launch angle. The launch angle allows the skater to get a long trajectory in the air with an optimal height.

IceLab is a unique high-performance training center in Europe. They cover all disciplines on ice, figure skating, ice dance, and pairs. It was nice to work again with couples since my Chinese contract is over.