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Advanced analysis Rion Sumiyoshi

Quad Toe Loop analysis

quad toe loop of Rion Sumiyoshi Japan

Quad toe loop of Rion Sumiyoshi Japan, 2022 Junior World Championships

Rion Sumiyoshi from japan is one of the rare Japanese women to attempt jumping a quad toe loop ( noted 4T ). This young skater, a senior skater this season, tried this jump many times but failed to succeed. We are going to look at the one she did during the last junior World Championships( march 2022), during the ISU Grand Prix of France (November 2022), and the 2023 Japanese National Championships ( December 2022).

Rion has a huge flight time ( around 0.700s / average data is 0.662s). But she needed to catch up in the rotation, so she struggled to land this jump properly. The angular velocity of her snap is between 23.436rad/s ( Slowest) and 25.47rad/s (Fastest), the average is around 25.725 rad/s.   After getting primary data, we can also notice her body angle in the air is entirely tilted ( she stays around 17◦).

Air position Rion Sumiyoshi

It’s time to push further investigations.

Why is she slow?

Let’s check her preparation. It’s the part where she generates angular momentum. The duration of the turn (1.566s / 1.126s / 1.017s)  is clearly longer compared to the average data (0.900s). It will influence the duration of the draw. And guess what? Her best jump ( she got a deduction but still scored 7.19 points ) was with a draw time of around 0.150s (The average draw time is around 0.132s).

Data for Rion Sumiyoshi from Japan,

March 2022 Junior World Championships, Rion landed with a quarter issing (q), and then she stepped out.  She scored 4.75 points

Flight time: 0.700s / Angular velocity of the snap: 25.47rad/s

Duration from the end of the turn ( backward) until the toe pick: 1.566s / Draw: 0.100s

In November 2022, she fell at the Grand Prix de France because of a poor landing. She landed into the “Angle of fall.” Scored 4.75 points

Flight time: 0.709s / Angular velocity of the snap: 24.634rad/s

Duration from the end of the turn ( backward) until the toe pick: 1.126s / Draw: 0.083s

What is the “angle of fall”?

Due to a body weight transfer at the take-off not being efficient enough or a poor angular velocity, the landing quality is impacted. That’s why the skater could land in the “angle of fall.”

Angle of FALL

This angle is between under-rotated landing and around 30° (note that 0° is “q”). Landing at this slight angle only allows the skater to fall because of physics and gravity laws.  ( This is an extract of the ebook Figure skating: Jumps Techniques The guide to understanding the mechanics of the figure skating jumps, click HERE to order a copy)


In December 2022, 2023  Japanese Nationals  q with a poor landing

Flight time: 0.700s / Angular velocity of the snap: 23.436rad/s

Duration from the end of the turn ( backward) until the toe pick: 1.017s / Draw: 0.150s

What should Rion do to improve her success rate?

Analysis quad toe loop of Rion Sumiyoshi Japan

Option 1

Improve the speed of her snap. In the orange circle, we can see the legs moving after the take-off, then the duration to get the final air position ( noted 1.).

Option 2.

After the change of foot, she could get an effective draw ( noted 2.). The main goal is to face more the future landing spot.