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Get a different approach to improve. Let’s work together!

Professional online video movement analysis supported by the Perform’Live© database, Shapes Score System©, video library, and technical consulting.

Adapted solutions to each specific skater profile and technique.


What are the benefits?

★ Enable in‑depth review of the performance

★ Helps skater development with an external point of view

★ Improves understanding of the movement


Just film the jump you want to analyze from 3 different points of view ( To know more, check out our F.A.Q, click ➟HERE ) and upload your videos to our server.

Advanced video analysis

Price: 120.00


Advanced video analysis is a smart combination of a professional video movement analysis, data, and technical consulting. Get access easily to another professional opinion to keep improving.




Just film the jump you want analyzing from 3 different points of view. You can film in HDR with your smarphone (Recommended 50-60fps at 4K, in landscape mode ). Once you upload your videos on our server, we send you an advanced analysis with simple explanation and various tips to help you to reach your goals.

How it works after you purchased a remote analysis:

Give us some general information to help us to get the global picture of the training situation.

Upload 3 Videos of the Jump you wish to analyze.
If you need help refer to this section of the FAQ. -> Link

We will send you an e-mail to confirm that your videos are ok!

You will then be able to view our video analysis, in your customer area at this location ->