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Video training and video analysis for speed skating

one Help to develop skating technique 

video analysis in short track

Skating technique is a very important in speed skating, long or short track. Using video training with live feedback is a good tool to help improve and optimize skating technique. A popular saying recaps perfectly the main point to use video training in speed skating :

A pic is worth a thousand words

It is really easy to plan a video session in a speed skating training. All equipment is fit for purpose and works on ice. After the training the video expert can do an advanced analysis with measurements,  drawing, notes and comments. All videos are uploaded on a private Web platform. Easy to share with skaters and coaches.

two Performance tracking

video training for speed skating

Specific points can be planned with skaters ( Start, turn etc...). Using video during training is an asset for athletes and coaches. ( Live feedback or later). Performance tracking is the best follow-up that a coach can do. It enables definition and fixes new goals. Especially in the preparation period.

The precision of the video training will help efficiently the tactical work.

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