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1. What can I expect from online video analysis?

Arnaud, founder and owner of Perform’Live, will study the one jump you want to analyze. He will customize the content of each analysis to help you reach your goals.

He will provide a video analysis based on the database created by Perform’Live©, generate valuable data*, fill the Shapes Score System ( That’s one of the best tools for assessing a jumping technique), provide technical advice and comment, and specific exercises on and off-ice,  and video comparison (if necessary) in English.


Arnaud uses the state of the art of video analysis solution Dartfish. The Dartfish TV is an online platform to watch your analysis on every device, anywhere and anytime. All data are explained simply with various graphics. A simple tutorial is sent to show how to use the Dartfish TV ( frame by frame, slow motion, etc.). Please take a look at this document HERE.

*Only available on Advanced Video Analysis ( From double axel jump).

2. How is it working?

In the first step, you must film your jump from 3 different points of view.

According to the trajectory of your jump, you need to refer to the drawing to know the optimal point of view (More information in the Film section). You can film HDR with your smartphone (Recommended 50-60fps at 4K, in landscape mode ) or with a video camera ( Camcorder).


In the second step, you can go ahead and make the payment. You will use a secure link to purchase one Advanced video analysis for one jump. Stripe accepts all major credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discovery.


After the payment is made, you will receive a confirmation email. This email contains a link to upload the three videos. It’s possible to upload more if you feel it’s useful. You will have a link to fill out a basic information form. It’s basic information to offer you the best solution (The data are only for internal usage).


Once everything is set ( videos uploaded and form filling, it takes 2min maxi), we will send you an e-mail to confirm that your videos are ok.

Then, in 2 business days, you will receive your advanced analysis with data, technical advice, and video comparison in English. All data are explained simply with various graphics to help you reach your goals.

3. After receiving my advanced analysis, may I ask questions or get more information on the suggested solution?

Perform’Live provides advanced video analysis services. The definition of service is the action of helping. We are glad to help each skater we are working with. Yes, of course, feel free to ask any questions.

4. What do you do with the information form?

It’s to get a global picture of the skater. Knowing all this information helps to formulate tips, advice, and other suggested exercises. The collected information is for internal use only. You can request to delete your data by contacting us.

5. I receive my video analysis, but there are some words I need clarification on understanding. What do you think I should do?

You don’t need to worry; you can first download the figure skating vocabulary document HERE, and if you still have some doubts, feel free to message us.

6. How many jumps can I analyze when I order an Advanced video analysis?

You can analyze ONE jump you want to explore.



1. How do I film the jump I want to analyze?

Filming from the three camera angles (green dots) is necessary to get a global review and understanding of the movement. We designed for each jump a plan for where to position to film. Of course, these positions are approximative; you can film once and review your video to see if you correctly watch the take-off from the profile, front or back.

It would be best to film the jump each time from the preparation until the end (3-4s after the landing). You can film behind the hockey glasses, but getting as few elements as possible is better to block the view. A video where the skater is well-framed and stabilized would be a plus.

2. I have to film the jump three times; what if they still need to be done precisely the same?

The advanced video analysis aims to help the skater as much as possible by offering a scientific and technological opinion. If the three jumps filmed from the three different camera angles are too other, Arnaud Muccini will contact you to discuss.

3. The trajectory of my jump differs from the examples; what should I do?

If your jump doesn’t follow the trajectory of these drawings, remember to film once from the front, once from the profile, and once more from the back. These three different camera angles are a minimum to produce a complete analysis. You can film more jumps if you’ve got time and send them to Arnaud. You will be informed quickly if there is any problem with the video.

4. Can I film with my smartphone?

Yes, of course. Here are a few tips for filming with a smartphone:

• Shoot in landscape mode

• Stability – use both hands and a portable tripod.

• Zoom – move closer for better quality rather than zoom.

• Light – record in a location as much light as possible.

• Wipe your lens – clean your lens with a lint-free cloth to avoid marks on your video.

5. How should I film a lutz?

Please follow the drawing below; you should put it on the green dot three times. In general, there are two different trajectories for the lutz. Just pick one of the two other options:

6. How should I film a salchow, an axel, or a loop?

Follow the drawing below; the green dots show the different camera angles where you should film a salchow, an axel, or a loop.

7. How should I film a toe loop or a flip?

Could you follow the drawing below? It would be best if you positioned the green dots.

8. How do I upload videos from my smartphone to you?

Once you make an order, you will receive a confirmation email. You will have a link to upload the three videos in this email. The system we are using is mobile-friendly.

9. I encounter some issues uploading the videos. May I send you the videos directly by e-mail?

Yes, It is possible. The upload link works both on mobile and computer. The size limit is 25Mo. In general, you can send videos by email.


1. What is a private chat?

It’s an exchange between Arnaud Muccini ( Perform’Live) and a customer. All questions are asked on WhatsApp. The professional number is communicated when an order is made. The answers are made depending of the timezone , workload and various unexpected events. The agreed period is maximum two business days.

2. User terms and conditions of the private chat

The coach can ask some questions ( technical, suggested exercises, questions about developing a skater, program strategy) preceding the order. Around ten questions per month for both Basic and Premium consulting services.  The best is to send a video via WhatsApp to illustrate the question. Discussion can be held in English and French.  In the private chat, NO data will be generated. Perform’Live is NOT a Technical Specialist; no questions will be asked about the levels of spins and Step Sequence ( StSq).


1. How can I pay for an order?

You can pay with your credit card via Stripe ( online and secure payment). Payments are made in euros. So that you know, your bank will convert the amount to your local currency at its exchange rate. Stripe accepts all major credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discovery.

2. Will I receive my confirmation e-mail?

As soon as you place an order, we send the confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address used to put it. If you need help finding your order confirmation, please check your spam folder to ensure it gets here.

3. I would like to get an invoice; what should I do?

You will receive a digital invoice at the end of your confirmation email. Anyway, please feel free to ask for your invoice here.

4. Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your order.

5. Why is my payment not successful?

We are sorry to hear that your payment didn’t go through. The most common reason is that some banks restrict foreign prices, so we suggest you contact your bank for more details. If you don’t think it is a bank issue, please get in touch with us here contact us HERE so we can help.

6. Is payment secure on your website?

We confirm that payment on our website is secure and encrypted. You can read more about our SSL certificate by clicking the LOCK icon to the left of our URL

7. How can I pay for a Gift Card?

In this case, could you contact us before placing an order? Before placing any order.


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