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Shoma Uno is making history with his quad flip

As Golden Skates written, Uno landed historic quad flip at Team Challenge. 

Shoma Uno is a talented japanese skater, aged 18 years old. He competed his first season as senior skater. Pretty impressive season, even for the 2015 World Junior Champion. This closes perfectly this amazing season 2015/2016. Amazing season with lots of fantastic performance! 

I think this historic quad flip desserves an advanced analysis. How to do a quad flip by Shoma Uno? Excellent question. As coach and figure skating fan, I'm waiting to see more. More what?

Quads! Battle of Quads were unbelievable this season, breaking some record scores. Actually, in competition, we can see quad salchow, quad toe-loop. Few skaters are able to do quad lutz. We saw last year, during a show, Yuzuru Hanuy, the Olympic Champion, landed a quad loop.

Uno is making history: First quad flip landed in international ISU competition.

Let's start our observation and analysis to this quad flip by Shoma Uno.

quad flip Shoma Uno advanced analysis

Click Here to enlarge this picture

Angles during the jump:

We drewed the angles of 5 parts of the jump. 

  • Part 1: Toe-pick position: 46°
  • Part 2: Flying part 1: 26°
  • Part 3: Flying part 2: 15°
  • Part 4: Flying part 3: 6°
  • Part 5: Landing : 3°

As you can see on this stromotion of Uno's jump, his axis of body is around 46°. Really inclined to the front. I think it's one of the reason, Uno is quite unbalanced during the landing. The angular amplitude is important (43°). Angular amplitude is the difference between part 1 and part 5.

Length and height of the jump:

We deduced length and height of the jump according the Shoma's size. According ISU biography, Uno measure 1m59 .

  • Lenght: 258 cm
  • Height: 53 cm

I'm wondering if there is a huge difference between his triple and quad flip. We can compare the measure of the quad between a triple fip combo, executd in his short program during Grand Prix Final 2015/2016. Length: 208 cm / Height: 36 cm . Yes, it's actually different. But I want to say that, he did his triple flip in second part of his short program. It's important to say that a jump combinaison has got a different approach, height and length. Why? Because you need to keep speed and energy to do the second jump.

How is it possible to execute four rotations in the air?

Quad flip of Shoma Uno with stromotion

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 Due to the poor quality of the video ( Youtube source), the flying time is approximate, between 0.600s and 0.633s. To continue to compare with a triple flip, Uno stays longer in the air for a quad or is it the same flying time for a triple flip? 

  • Quad Flip: Flying time: 0.600/0.633s
  • Triple Flip: Flying time: 0.640s

So, almost the same. Specially with the error margin of this analysis. Like we knew since a moment, the only difference between a triple and a quad jump, it's the speed of rotation. What amazing acceleration, skaters must make to acheive that.

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