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Performance analysis of a jump in figure skating

Stroboscope/ Stromotion:

Definition: A filming technique used in animation, which the camera is stopped after filming each frame or every few frames so as to allow objects within the scene, such as clay figures or paper cutouts, to be adjusted for the following frame.


A stroboscope of a double Salchow


A stromotion effect is a interesting tool to get a global view and focus on one essential point. Learning process is long and complex. We don't have the same psychomotor pattern. So, we must rectify some technical habits. To do this, it is always better to work step by step to get results: slowly but stable.

When you do a video analysis in figure skating,  you are trying to do a performance improvement. It means that the coach's going to analyze and define which point is correct or not. For example, I did a stromotion of a double salchow. You can use this picture like that (raw picture) or put some drawnings, angles, timing.. etc. 

In this case, the jump's got a correct execution. You can notice that the position in the air can be improved, specially to execute an efficient triple salchow.

 The idea is simple : a good double jump to work effectively a triple jump.


If you plan many video sessions per month or every month, you can get a better follow-up of your athlete. When you compare your analysis, you can see easily the improvement.


Tags: Dartfish, Stromotion

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