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Triple lutz | New generation of skaters vs Old: Queen Kim against Lipnitskaya & Sotnikova

Triple lutz New generation of skaters vs Old Queen Kim against Lipnitskaya & Sotnikova

New generation vs Old Generation

Sotchi 2014, figure skating event gave us an amazing show and also showed an evolution of thechnique. Specially with the triple lutz ladies. That's why I decided to compare and analyse the three best skaters of the moment: Kim, Liptnitskaya and Sotnikova. Below, you can watch a video comparison with Yuna ( left) and Yulia ( right) in slow motion (25% of the real speed).




I analyse  the triple lutz (3Lz) of Adelina Sotnikova (Russia). She is the 2014 Olympic Champion. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adelina_Sotnikova). Plus Yuna Kim (Korea). She is the 2010 Olympic Champion and 2014 Silver medalist (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Yuna) and Yulia Lipnitskaya, the last russian prodigy (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yulia_Lipnitskaya). I choose best skaters of the moment and image quality available and usable for this study.


post itAll videos  are from Youtube. All Stromotion© are made with Dartfish 7 Team Pro. All measurements are approximate and rounded. Indeed, it is not possible with the angle of camera and costumes competition to have a precise frame of reference. This study is an analysis and reflection on the evolution of the technic. Adelina and Yulia execute triple lutz in combinaison (First element of the program, executed around 30s), that is why their landings are different than Yuna. Thanks to note that the first triple lutz of Yuna was in combinaison but camera angle was not correct to study this jump ( Back view). The second triple jump of Yuna is executed in the second part of the program ( Bonus) around 2 min 30. 

Tags: Analysis, Stromotion, Triple lutz, Russia, South Korea, Olympics

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