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Our video analysis and performance optimization services allow coaching and performance to be more reliable, efficient and measurable. They help improve learning and make sense a performance. Above all, they come with your team. 

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remote coaching

What is "Remote coaching"?

Maybe it's the first time you hear about remote coaching. Remote coaching is a training session whitout a coach. How does it work? You film your performance, send it to us after your training. After, we analyze your video. It means we put some comments on key-positions, add some measures and some drawings. You can consult the review of your performance on a video private plateform or on our website, in a private acess. It gives you a training program to improve your performance and also a  support by Skype. This support  will allow to do a good follow-up.  


Sending us your video clips and we analyze them




analysis presentation

Sample presentation of ananalysis. 



What are the benefits of remote coaching for ice hockey?


remote coaching explanation

Video equipments used to do remote coaching.


The benefits to do a remote coaching for a players, a goalie or a coach are many:

  • Convenience: You can get a second opinion from a coach. You can access remote coaching wherever they happen to be in the world, throught all the usual technology platforms. The best platform is Dartfish.TV who support your video analysis. Video is a good tool to do a follow-up or a tracking performance.
  • More focus: Your training is done. No distraction. You can watch your video analysis many times.
  • Cost effective: Stripping out travel and accomodation costs make this kind of training cheaper than a video training.


How to film your performance?

More the quality of your video is good, more it will be easier to make a good analysis and give you the best coaching as possible. The best is to use a video camera with a tripod. But now, you can get a very good film from smartphone or tablet. This kind of service is made for measure. So, according you want to film, the coach will advice how to film the best your move.


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