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Simple fact: Did you know that 65% of the world's population are visual learners? 

Visual learners make 65% of the world's population. What does it mean? That means that most skaters learn from seeing themselves perform than from listening to their coach's verbal analysis. It is for this very reason that the video training and video analysis has become an essential tool in educating and improving skater performance.

Have you ever heard about video analysis? What is video analysis?

It's a technological tool to help coaches and athletes in the learning and performing process. There are many examples of video analysis in the blog.

Using technology in figure skating is the best way to measure progress and to do an efficient follow-up. Comparing performances makes it easy to see progress over time. Get extra help to acheive goals and set-up a plan for your athlete.

Who is Perform'Live?

Perform'Live was created  in 2009 by Arnaud Muccini. He is a french figure skating instructor with more than 15 years of teaching experience. Arnaud offers video training sessions, video analysis and his expertise to assist in learning and performance optimization all around the world.  Learn more about Arnaud muccini ►

Why? To see all details

Quad flip Shoma Uno stromotion

Advanced analysis with stromotion effect: Quad flip executed by Shoma Una ( Japan) 2016 .

A small detail can determine the champion.

Perform'Live's mission is to provide the best skating instruction with the best of video analysis and sport technology. Arnaud Muccini has explored and developped his working methods with Dartfish video analysis software, the same software used by 72% of medal winners in the 2018 Winter Olympics. He's using other technologies to help skaters and coaches. This make your teaching more effective and efficient. As coach or athlete, it can happen that we think what we want to see. With Perform'Live, you can get an external view, professional and reliable.

With the democratization of technologies, you can use the video tool easily." Giving a coach a camera doesn't make him an instant video analyst " (Carl Valle, Video coach). Since many years, he put his knowledge into practice. It's now an expertise. Video tools ( video analysis and video training with instant feedback) combine with technological devices are perfect assets to help to understand and make better.

You can see all details you need to perform.

Knowing vs Understanding

Albert Einstein said "Any fool can know. The point is to understand."

Knowing is the the beginning, and understanding is the end goal. Before talking about performance, a coach teachs the good move: it means the most efficient move to perform later. The video analysis is helpful for coach. Because he will be able to show the skater what the coach expects. The skater will get a better understanding of the move with comments from his coach etc... .  Passionnate of technology, Arnaud Muccini use all tools available to support and enrich work of coaches. He integrates easily with the existing team.

Alexei Mishin: I did a lot of movie

ISU interview 27/09/2017

Model the best

Perform'Live developped a know-how to optimize performance and also performance tracking, the best follow-up that a skater and coach could expect. Like did Alexei Mishin when he started his coaching carreer, Arnaud Muccini has studied hours of video that showcase successful habits and techniques used by elite skaters on a regular basis. Get access to our knowledge and video database to profile your skater and optimize your teaching. 

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"Arnaud Muccini is technological expert in Dartfish. He brings his vast knowledge and expertise to figure skating."

Denise Meyer Olympic coach Denise Meyer, Olympic figure skating coach.

"Arnaud Muccini has reached the top of great Dartfish expert in figure skating."

 Victor Bergonzoli CEO DartfishVictor Bergonzoli, CEO Dartfish


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