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I offer an effective combination of video analysis expertise and a technical knowledge of figure skating to help you deliver an unique coaching experience to your athletes. I make sure you get the best value out of Perform'Live. My expertise includes most disciplines of figure skating ( synchronized skating, theater on ice, ice dance, pairs and figure skating).   

I'm video analysis coach expert in performance optimization, what can I do for you? 

The Challenges and Opportunities for Smart Coaches

smart coaching

The Challenges and Opportunities for Smart Coaches are many. But I would like resume these by:  

Mastering new technologies

How to become a smart coach with the help of new technology? It takes time to use efficiently softwares, devices etc... . As an athlete, you need to practice to be used to. The performance-benefit-time ration is really important. Like I wrote in Why using smart Big Data?, the most important is the value you can get. According my opinion, using new technology means to be open minded. This skill is fundamental for an efficient coach. I like to search on internet new exercices, advices, experiences from other sports. I will try and see interests, set-up  and effiency before to validate new exercice and use daily. 

Learning Principles:

  • Repeat: automation / overlearning.
  • Reinforcement: concept of reward and punishment.
  • Varied exercises: thread to follow, appropriate choice of exercise.
  • Rating: define success criteria

What can I offer more to my athletes?

That's in this way you should think about your coaching. Which tool will allow me to acheive this goal? Laptop? Tablet? Smartphone? Now, we've got global solution for coaches like cloud computing. It means you can get and share informations everywhere and anytime. This kind of solution is the best.

As advanced Dartfish user, I'm glad that Dartfish developped since many years a global solution for video analysis. For example, you can tag a game or a performance with your tablet, upload on your channet and then synchronyse your tagging with the video on your laptop. Possibilities are huge. Google is also offering a global solution. With one account you can access to all Google's universe, automatic synchronization on all your devices. As coach, I write lots of email, manage many schedule in different places etc.. So like everything is linked, my organization is ease.

Customize an app is also a solution

When you don't find your needs, you can use an application and customize as you expect. It asks, of course, more IT knowledgebut it's possible. To do this, you must a global picture of what you want to do and understand perfectly what the app or software can do. This last part is essential. After, it's also possible to create your own application. 2 solutions: using some scripts or developping your app ( IOS, Android etc...).

Wearable clothes and fitness trackers

Wearable clothes and fitness trackers

Tracking devices are now used by most of athletes ( GPS, Cardiac frequency...). You can collect lots of data. But before to collect, you must be sure if this data would be usefull for your coaching. And also be sure that  theses data would be collected in the same conditions all the time. 

To read also: The origin of the fitness tracker

We are at the beggining of this kind of technology: Weareable clothes and tracking devices are merging. It means that intelligent clothes will have tracking devices integrated .

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