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What are the benefits of video analysis in sports?

Benefits of Video Analysis in Sports

Are you sceptical about using video analysis in sport? This article is for you. We will give you 4 good reasons to use video tools during training and game. 

This original article is written by Joshua McCarron from I wanted to add some comments and precisions on his excellent work. A point of view from a coach and expert in video analysis.

Video analysis, a commonly used tool in modern sports, can provide a training boost for individual and team competitions. There is now some video coaches and video experts in professional teams, federations and clubs. Coaches and trainers analyze video from live action and training exercices, and the results ot their careful analyses provide helpful feedback for athletes. Thanks to video analysis, athletes can gain a competitive edge, correct faults and maximize their strengths and skills. I like to repeat that all details are important. And i am not the only one to say that.


one Injury prevention and recovery:

Injuries are part of every sport, but with the help of video analysis, you can help prevent reinjury and new injury. The technique you use to run, swim, hit the golf ball or throw a pitch sometimes is a contributing factor in sustaining an injury. With video analysis, you can study technique and pinpoint areas that must be changed to avoid injuring yourself in the future. Optimize sport gestures is part of this idea.


two Discover weaknesses:

By watching video or team performance, you can discover weakness that may be holding you back. Pick an area in which you are struggling and watch games or matches to find trends and patterns you can change. A basketball team may be vulnerable defensively on the outside, a golfer may hook his iron shots or a pitcher may stride too far on his delivery. Once the weak link is discovered, it can be modified and improved upon. Senior coach, I am able to see strengths and weaknesses of my athletes but with using video analysis, I get more a global perspective. it allows me to do a better follow-up of my skaters. I also improved my observation skills through the use of video during trainings and competitions.


three Model the best:

One way that using video analysis can help improve your performance is to watch the best in your sport play the game. Studying hours of video of the best player at your position or in your sport will shocase habits the players uses on a regular basis that help him succeed. When you have pinpointed some of the techniques of the best players, you can work them into your own game. I explained how and why to create a video database. It's important to compare what it is similar. Same camera angle, same kind of performance etc...


four Advanced scouting:

One of the most common ways video analysis is used, is to prepare for upcoming opponents. Watching video of tomorow's pitcher or next wek's opponent teaches you their strengths and weaknesses, and enable you to formulate a game plan to deal with them. Mental preparation is an important factor in any athletic event, so knowing what you are up against beforehand can give you an extra advantage. Video analysis helps to work with visualising techniques

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