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5 Tips to create The best video database you need

5 Tips to create a video database 

Few weeks ago, I had a very interesting contact and discussion with an american coach who asked me if I have got a video database. I already explained why you should build your own librairy of video data in an article.

I am going to give you 5 tips to create the best video database you need. I think you can do it for many sports, individuals or teams. 


one Time:

According what you want to do with this video database, it takes time. Because you need to watch lots of video to find the good one. Maybe doing some video editiong ( cut, transition, format etc...). You must define your own criterias (camera angle, speed motion etc..) to get the same video quality. As coach, you are a patient person. And everything is step by step. If you want to get the easy way ( It means buy a video database), i don't think you will be totally happy with this.


two Quality:

That's really important  to get the same quality to use this video librairy efficiently. Like I said before, you must define your setup/criteria. If you are creating a sharing video plateform, you must fix a standard. It means you define a video format, a maximum duration, a camera angle etc... Like that all people involved can add the same video quality.


three Order / tagging:

To find quickly a video or a group of video, I recommend to tagg you video. Use Keywords. If you want to share this database, use common keywords that you are used to using in your sport. I can be abbreviation. More tags/informations you put on your video, more it will be easier to find it when you need it. Tags I used are: Name, country, date, event, technical element. For example, Dartfish TV is a good tool to organize your video database ( streaming and sharing).


four Update regulary:

It is important to update your video librairy. Why? For example, in figure skating, techniques are always improving. If you find a better video ( format, quality, camera angle etc...) of a technical element, delete the old one or archive it. There is no point to get a huge collection of video. For team scouting, it is the same. An old athlete's performance can be saved in another video database.  Storage in a second video database for example.


five Take many athletes to get many techniques:

You need to take many kind of athletes. For example, women and men don't have the same muscular power. For a coach, build a video database is to show to athletes good example or to do some comparisons ( follow-up of performance, performance optimization). There is no interest to show a performance of an Elite athlete to a young one. It is better to compare what is similar. Your young athlete will identify himself easily if you show him a video of an athlete close of his age. I keep all videos from camps to do this kind of comparison. I can compare same performance without any bad competition. Actually, in your club, you can have a bad competition between 2 athletes. You don't need to add more tension with a comparison of them.



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