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How can coaches use video analysis to improve trainings and athletes? These articles are from my experience as coach, expert in video analysis. Thought this unique and innovative technological approach, I explain specific coaching technique and present findings.

How video analysis changed my vision of training?

Observe to analyse


According Olympic movement, a coach must:

Understand the Sport and Leads by Example 

To be able to teach effectively, the coach must have in-depth understanding of the sport from the fundamental skills to advanced tactics and strategy. Coaches may have experience  as athletes themselves, but not all former athletes make good coaches. Coaches must plan for the season, know the progressive nature of training adaptation, know the rules, and provide a simple, structured environment for athletes to succeed. Plan – Prepare – Rehearse – Perform –Compete are the essential tenants of good coaching. A good coach should have an official certification from the governing body for their sport. However, official certification is not all that makes a great coach. (Read more about 10 Keys qualities

 In order to developp the most skilled athletes possible, a coach transfer as much of their knowledge and experience to themthrough the following steps: 

  • Step 1-  Watching. This term means to identify, describe, and understandan athletic movement.
  • Step 2- Action. Action consist of planning and organizing a solution to help the athlete. A good coach is always learning how to teach and adapt. 

Video analysis has changed my vision as a coach. It has enabled me to learn more about effectiveness of every movement. I have found that my eyes see more details and therefore i get a morepowerful visual acuity.

"See! they say, everything is there ... Yes, but learning to see, that's the big secret" Louis Delluc , french film director 1890-1924


This quotation sums up my thoughts. I learned how and what to see. Of course, I continue to improve this skill. I know that some coaches change their teaching because of video.

"The beauty of Dartfish showed that Orser was one of the only people who could do the big step up into a triple Axel and still get 3 ½ rotations completed while he was a skater. He does not teach Axels the way he learned them."

Extract of an article posted in the website of Skate Canada ( World-class coaches work with Canada’s rising stars at Development Camp A great video about Athletes and Coaches: The key to success ).

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