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Triple lutz analysis: Evgenia Medvedeva

How can Evgenia Medvedeva keep her World crown

A new olympic cycle started, almost 4 Junior Grand Prix done. But the most interesting event was the russian test in the Megasport Arena, Moscow last week-end. The best russian skaters showed front of a panel of specialists their new programs. A good exercice to see improvement and new choreography. In front of an arena almost full ( 14 000 people!!), lots of experts were excited to see Evgenia Medvedeva, post Eteri Tutberidze version. Evgenia left the Sambo 70' team to join the Toronto Cricket club, base of Brian Orser's team, last may.
I noticed that she showed two triple lutz in the free skate. Long time we didn't see Evgenia doing this jump. She is known to take-off on the wrong edge (inside edge in this case). Even, if she is not always sanctionned for this mistake.
A major update in the judgement system this season. Grades of Execution (GOE) are judged with the range -5 till +5 instead of -3 till +3.There is also a special scale of value ( SOV) when the lutz is ( wrong) edge. 25-33% less for a (single/double/triple/quad) lutz executed in the wrong edge.
The position on the ice of Medvedeva's lutz is studied to hide as much as possible her main mistake. That's why a view from the opposite side is really interesting to get.

Let’s watch her performance from 2 different points of view. 

What’s new?

Last Olympics performance, she jumped really close to the barrier, around 3 meters. It’s still a strategy to hide her wrong edge or to get the benefit of doubt.

Triple lutz Evgenia MEDVEDEVA Free Skating Olympics 2018

The picture above showed the free leg’s position of Evegnia and the other skaters. 11% of studied skaters by Perform’Live ( around 60 elite skaters) put really high their free leg. Almost parallel to the ice. 89% are in the green area. This leg's position creates a huge amplitude of movement. It asks to the skater to get a good core to balance and control each part of his body. Especially to keep the foot in outside edge. 

3Lz Evgenia Medvedeva preparation with free leg s position

Her position is not new, even a kind of signature. If we watch closer, the toe-pick quality is better. Before, she put her full blade in contact to the ice before the take-off. Now, more the forward part ( See pictures below).

toepick position Winter Olympics 2018

toepick position russian test

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