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Skater development-One year later: Triple lutz of Satoko Miyahara

 Skater development One year later

The 2017-18 Grand Prix Final is over. Lots of things to say. That's why it's time to open a section: Skater developement - One year later. The focus is to analyze technique improvements.

I asked to my followers which skater I should analyze. Answer: Satoko Miyahara.

Satoko is the 2016 Four Continent Champion.

One year ago, during the 2016-17 Grand Prix Final, I analyzed her triple lutz combination from the Free Skate (FS).  During the  2017-18 Grand Prix Final, I watched her combination triple lutz triple toe-loop in her Short Program ( SP). First reaction: "wow.. what a really small jump!"

Before to start the performance comparison of these 2 performances, I would like to remind you that I used videos from broadcast sources. It means that it's not the view of the technical panel. I know that some fans can do some interpretations about the landing. Many ideas to avoid this. For example,  creating a video judge, using all footages around the ice-rink to make clear the landing call.  It exists in many sports now. It's personal opinion. The technology can help easily to fix this issue. 

Performance analysis with advanced stromotion:

Both jumps are the same combination jump: 3Lz+3T. Also executed at the beginning of each program.

3Lz Satoko Miryahara FS 2016 Grand Prix Final analysis

3Lz+3T executed during the 2016-17 Grand Prix Final. To enlarge the picture, click Here

3Lz+3T Satoko MIYAHARA SP 2017 Grand Prix Final analysis

3Lz+3T executed during the 2017-18 Grand Prix Final.To enlarge the picture, click Here 

Approach speed is a decisive part of the success of the jump

I already told you that skating speed is difficult to extract from the broadcast source. So the precision of this data can vary a lot. The jump executed this season got a faster approach speed. But the result wasn't better. You maybe know that the approach speed is used to put the muscle structure in tension during the toe-pick or the edge acceleration. To undesrtand this phenomenon, the best example is the pole vault, if you arrive too fast, you will not support the reaction force of the ground and you will fall down. In this action-reaction, Sakato should be more tonic.

Since I collected and measured data about figure skating, I noticed that the best jump is the jump who is executed with a good balance between height and length, without effort. It asks to the skater a good control of his power and a lot of repetition to acheive this.

Let's talk data

As video analysis expert, the flight time is one of the decisive data. Why that? More time in the air, it means more time to do the jump fully rotated for example. 

In 2016, she flew 0.520sec. . In 2017, only 0.480sec. Her average body's angle is also different, 18° in 2016; 21° in 2017. This data is the direct consequence of the take-off position. If you compare Satoko's angle during the preparation, we might see a beginning of answer why she will jump like that. Her jump's height is almost the same, 30-32cm. Length is shorter, 198cm in 2016; only 162cm in 2017. These data ( height and length) are an approximation.

She is the only skater using the snap direct technique who taps the ice with the forward part of her blade ( 3-5cm ). Because of her upper body positioning, she anticipates the rotation. Have a careful look to the freezing frame before the take-off. 

Judges gave 11.00 points this year instead of 11.10 points last year.


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