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Quad Lutz | What else?

quad lutz what else

No Georges, but quad lutz 

Sorry, I kill the suspens directly. We'are not going to talk about George Clooney. But yes quad lutz, what else? Interesting new jump. Not new in fact. Brandon Mroz was the first skater to landed in international competition. It was in November  2011 at the NHK Trophy. 

Grand Prix debut 

The ISU Grand Prix season started last week-end with the The Rostelecom Cup, Moscow. Until February, all big events will count to leave a strong mark in the judges mind. We've not been disappointed. Especially with the men event. Yuzuru Hanyu (Japan) landed his first quad lutz in the Free Skating.

Really impressive jump! Impressive because of the flight time. Almost 0.800 second in the air. Because of the height and the length ( Approximately H:69cm / L: 315cm)

4Lz Yuzuru HANYU FS 2017 Rostelecom Cup analysis

Click to enlarge the picture.

Welcome Yuzuru  in the Quad lutz club

A figure skating fan (Thanks again for that, you're amazing) sent me a video from the fancam. Video quality could be better but Yuzuru did a better quad lutz during the official training than during the Free Skating. How to justify this statement?  Have a look to the landing.  Clearly smooth, even effortless...

"Details matter, it's worth waiting to get it right". Steve Jobs


4Lz Yuzuru Hanyu Training GP Russia 2017 analysis

Click to enlarge the picture.

Like last year with his quad loop, Yuzuru will improve it for sure. He needs more practice to get the maximum bonus from judges. 

88.8% of the maximum score possible ( Base value: 13.60 GEO+ 1.14 Total score: 14.74 points).  It will be not the only for sure. Waiting to see progress and consistency.

About consistency, Nathan Chen, the 2017 Four Continents champion, showed us a real improvement in his quad lutz, still his first element.

Let's compare some performances. Note, both jumps compared are executed in combination. During the 2016-2017 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final, Chen did a quad lutz with a triple toe-loop ( 4Lz+3T). At Moscow,  same combination jump 4Lz+3T. 

4Lz Nathan Chen GP Final 2016 analysis

Click to enlarge the picture.

 4Lz Nathan Chen FS 2017 Rostelecom Cup analysis

 Click to enlarge the picture.

Analysis of 4Lz Chen

It's easier to watch this chart to see the Chen's improvement. 

4Lz analysis Nathan Chen comparison

The global boby axis is also optimized to get a better flight and of course a better landing. Unfortunately, this improvement wasn't award by the judges. He got the same score but 95% of the maximum score possible ( Base value: 17.90 GEO+ 2 Total score: 19.90 points). It's always impressive to see how a skater keep a high quality in the execution. Nathan is more experienced on this jump and he will not do the same mistake he did during the last Worlds at Helsinki (He fell on this element). 

The Moscow event was the first of six in the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating series. In the quad lutz club, Boyang Jin (China) will compete at the ISU Grand Prix Audi Cup of China, 3-5 November. 


Video credits: @anadnah Original footage from the fancam

Data are from ISU Bio. 

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