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Grand Prix Final 2016: Reflections

grand prix final hanyu

Actually, I'm studying and analyzing jumps ( double axel, triple jumps etc...). That's why I didn't publish anything since a moment. As you maybe guess, there is many techniques and styles. It's the goal of my work, define clearly these to get the best technical approach for each jump. I noticed 3 clear styles, North american and japanese, Russian and the rest.

This week-end, the ISU Grand Prix of figure skating Final 2016/17 will take place at Marseille, France . Qualification for this junior and senior event is based on the results of the point system established for the ISU Grand Prix  and the ISU Junior Grand Prix. Only 6 skaters are qualified per category. I did a short research.

Which country is the most present in the individual event ? 

I designed an infographic, showing only the 3 styles I found in my biomechanical studies. 

ladies junior participants ISU final grand prix

Since 3 years now, the 2016 edition will be Russian against Japanese skaters. Russian skaters dominate this competition. The reigning World Champion, Evgenia Medvedeva, won the 2014 edition and the 2015 edition in senior category.

men junior participants ISU final grand prix

The junior winner of the 2014 edition, Shoma Una, is now competiting in senior category. 3rd place last year, he is qualified for Marseille.

ladies participants ISU final grand prix

Japan and Russian skaters fight for the victory. A small advantage for Russia. What is really exciting, it's to get the 6 best skaters in the world.... I will watch this with lots of interest. For men, one name, Yuzuru Hanyu from Japan, he won this event since 2013. Man of all records. Last season was amazing. Patrick Chan is back now. Last season was his come-back. He won 2 times this Grand Prix Final ( in 2010 and 2011). Skaters qualified are different than the result of the last ISU World Championships. The reigning World Champion, Javiez Fernandez from Spain is there. 

men participants ISU final grand prix


What to think about these infographics?

This is a recap and I added number of Gold medal won during these events ( 2013-2015).

   Junior ladies  Junior men Ladies  Men Total Gold
Japan  9  5  5 11 30 5
USA  2  4  4 2 12 1
Canada  0  3  1 3 7 0
Russia 13 8 14 3 38 5

If you put a ratio between the number of participants and number of Gold medal, Japan is more efficient than Russia. So what think about this fact? In one word: A huge development of the elite japanese skating. Since many years, there is a deep and serious development. This year again, I wrote an article about Riki Kihika: a new Japanese prodigy skater. She will be part of the Japanese team during the Grand Prix Final.

Good luck to all participants to this competition at Marseille, a very nice place. 

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