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Gracie Gold, unstable with her triple lutz?

Gracie Gold, unstable with her triple lutz

Gracie gold is unstable with her triple lutz? Really? I really like this skater, lots of energy and charisma on ice. 

To cheer Gracie to the Team Challenge Cup who will take place in few hours, I did an advanced analysis with a stromotion effect. As you can see on this analysis, the angle of her axis of rotation is low. She ends back, which forces her to fight to keep her balance. Note the landing position. If you compare with some other triple lutz we studied ( Yuna Kim, Ylia Lipnitskaya, Adelina Sotnikova), we can see a real difference, specially before the landing. Other ladies keep positive the angle of axis of rotation ( Average 5°).

Triple lutz Gracie Gold stromotion analysis

Gracie Gold Triple lutz triple toe-loop, Short program, 2016 World Championships, Boston ( USA) (Click Here to enlarge the picture)

Last past 2 years, I cheched her results in international competitions like Grand Prix Final ( She participated only in 2015), Four Continents Championships and World Championships. And what a surprise? Have a look to this infographics. We put for each event jump she did, GEO ( Grade Of Execution, evaluation of judges), score. Green squares symbolyze positive GEO. Red negative GEO. No square means Base value, no bonus or minus.

Gracie Gold result 4C2015

Gracie Gold result WC2015

Gracie Gold result  Grand Prix final 2016

Gracie Gold result 4C2016

Gracie Gold result WC2016

Some comments about timeline and Gracie:

  • Only one Free Skating, Gracie did 2 triple lutz ( Bonus and Base value), it was during Four Continents 2016 at Taipei.
  • Only one Short Program, Gracie succeed her triple lutz combinaison. It was at Boston and she led after this fantastic program the competition. 
  • When I did the advanced analysis, I noticed that her angle of axis of rotation is low. With an improvement of her technique, she could be more confident during the entire competition.


 You can watch two seasons of triple lutz of Gracie: 

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