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Battle of triple axel in 2015-16: Asada vs Tuktamysheva

Battle of triple axel: Asada vs Tuktamysheva

Mao Asada is doing her come-back for next season . She is the 2010 Olympic silver medalist, a three-time World Champion. Mao landed triple axel many times in ISU competitions. There is only 6 female skaters who did that in competition.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva is the reigning World champion. Elizaveta executed during her short program an amazing triple axel. This is the analysis that we did after the program (2015 World championship).

I find interesting to compare their triple axels. Who will win the Battle of triple axel?

one Elizaveta Tuktamysheva (Russia)

Triple axel Elizaveta TUKTAMYSHEVA advanced analysis

Triple axel of Elizaveta Tuktamysheva: Advanced analysis with stromotion effect ( Click Here to enlarge the picture)

I don't stop to say that angle camera is very important to get a good analysis. On Youtube, there is some interesting comparison between the triple axel of Elizaveta and Mao. 

Unfortunately, I didn't find the same view than the triple axel of Elizaveta to compare side by side with the triple axel of Mao. So, I use the stromotion made by the New York Times during the Free Skating at Sotchi 2014 and I put some comments and data.


two Mao Asada (Japan)

Triple axel Mao ASADA advanced analysis

Triple axel of Mao Asada: Advanced analysis with stromotion effect ( Click Here to enlarge the picture).

You can notice that Mao uses a lot her upper body during the preparation of the jump. Result: her position in the air is tilted. Instead of that, she could push her pelvis forward to get a better power transmission. On this picture, it wasn't her best jump. Rotation is not totally full...

Size of the skater  Height  Length  Ratio  Height/Size Ratio Length/Size
Tuktamysheva   157 cm  61.6 cm  259 cm 0.394 1.649
 Asada  163 cm  46,0 cm  247 cm 0.282 1.515

I put a ratio between the height of the jump and height of the skater. Same with length of the jump and the size of the skater. It's to compare easily all data. Elizaveta is smaller than Mao. As you can notice, on this comparison, Tuktamysheva beats Asada: Best height, Best Length.

Now, an important question:

who's got the best triple axel?

Difficult to reply. Mao executes this jump since many years now with more and less success. In two ISU competitions, Elizaveta did once a very good one and the second time, a fall. But the succeed one was amazing: my favorite.  I think for them it will be a great challenge to execute the best triple axel, maybe in both program. Hard decision about what tactics to apply... 

The next season looks promising very exciting. To be continued....


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