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I offer an effective combination of video analysis expertise and a technical knowledge of figure skating to help you deliver an unique coaching experience to your athletes. I make sure you get the best value out of Perform'Live. My expertise includes most disciplines of figure skating ( synchronized skating, theater on ice, ice dance, pairs and figure skating).   

I'm video analysis coach expert in performance optimization, what can I do for you? 

Video intervention at the norwegian national camp in Oslo

Video intervention at the norwegian national camp in Oslo


As video analysis expert, I participed to the last national camp in Oslo (December 2013). This camp, organized by the Norges Skøyteforbund (NSF), regrouped all the national team and the future best skaters from Norway.

I collaborated with Gjersem Anne Line, which the Norwegian skater selected for the Olympics. This had not happened ithe past 40 years.

With a good working ambient, we did a very good and interesting work. We did a video workshop, each skater with his coach showed a jump. Analysis and comments in live. That's always intereting to share and exchange opinions about different technics with the others coaches. There was a work on ice, analysis in live with many feedback (frame by frame, slowmotion, drawning...).

After this, a work with deep analysis to produce this kind of pic. Sequenced all parts of the jump and uploaded all videos on my Perform'Live.TV to share with the other coaches. They could use videos in their training.


Stromotion effect of a triple lutz by Dartfish


For this work to be as efficient as possible, work on videos is necessary and requires as much time working on the ice. Make comparisons between a jump perfectly executed and another bad, understand why and propose a simple solution to the skater. It takes time. 


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