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Ice hockey camp | HMI 2015: Performance quest


Perform'Live in action during a video test on ice. 


Perform'Live is part of Hockey Ministries International since 3 years now. The leitmotiv of this camp: Become a better player, be a complete person. It is a real pleasure to join this camp every year because of the coaches, good ambiance and an interesting philosophy. Many coaches played in NHL, good experience to share...


Become a better player, be a complete person


This is one part of the work I did during the camp. Comments are in general on the first video of each player. 

As I stand directly on the ice, it is easier to film in situations closer to the action. Organize a video test for ice hockey player is very good to improve. There is one part without puck and the other part with. It's better to see what's wrong the skating or with handling of the stick.


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