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Video analysis in volleyball: Actions game / Geneva vs Therwill

Game analysis of volleyball

For the tenth's day of swiss ladies volleyball championship, Perform'Live filmed the match Geneva vs Therwill. I tagged all actions, did a video replay. With the team and coaches, we watched all highlights that they defined. As you will see on a short analysis of one action of the game, I used 2 video cameras to get the best results and see all details of the match.

I took an extract of this game to show you how you can analyze an action and players built it. 


  • green arrows: view of the player(s)
  • white arrow: moving
  • red circle : main action
  • black dotted line : trajectory of the ball
  • N.B Sometimes the ball is drawn in red


1) Action 1: Pass

Volley 1


Player 1 shoots the ball to player 3. Player 3 who understood the move, is running to get the ball. Player 2 is just here to cheat others players. But players in position 5 had seen the move and they are ready. They watch player 1. Play 4 is ready to block a direct attack from play 1 in case of.


2) Action 2: First shot

Volley 2

 Player 1 shot. 2 players in position 2 are ready to block the ball. Player 3 runs forward, player 4 moves on the side to get support. Player 5 does the same.


3) Action 3: Block

Volley 3

Player 2 blocked the ball, player 1 is running to put in action again.All players are waiting the end of the move.


4) Action 4: Pass

Volley 4

Player 1 is in bad position but still on the court.Player 2 is ready to get the ball. Player 3 is ready to move forward. Players in position 4 are ready to block any shoot. Both teams watch the action.


5) Action 5:

Volley 5

Player 1 receives and shoots the ball. Players in position 2 are ready to block. One player came to form the block. Player 4 is ready and waits the action. Player 3 moved forward, ready to shoot. Player 5 does the same. 

6) Action 6: Point

Volley 6

Players in position 1 blocked the shoot. Player 2 can't do anything. Player 3 should be in position 3. Point!!

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