3Lz analysis

Free Skate Bradie Tennel, USA / WOG 2018

3Lz Take-off detail

Now, how a skater with a really good flight time can struggle to land a triple lutz? Here some details from the take-off. I put some other skaters who are using the same technique than Bradie. This technique is called " Short draw updown". The distance of legs after the take-off is >50cm and the free leg ( here the left leg) is going up then down before to get the final air position.

3Lz Bradie Tennel part 2

 4 frames later....

3Lz Bradie Tennel part 1

It seems that Bradie uses a lot her left arm. It can slow the legs work because this arm keeps her air position opens too long.


Detail of the 3Lz Nicole Rajicova, Slovakia

3Lz Nicole Rajicova part 1

Detail Anna Khnychenkova, Ukraine

3Lz Anna Khnychenkova part 2



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