Program analysis

Free Skate Mai Mihara, Japan / Japan Open 2017

Program analysis

According data registrered, there is a clear link between the number of cross-over, number of rotation ( with skating, jumps and spins), distance covered and the Component Score.

N.B Distance covered is an aproximative measure. Only a GPS system can get a precise measure.

Tableau program analysis

Only clear cross-overs are counted. It's possible to use steps with one part of a cross-over. This kind of propulsive step is interesting to add rotation also.  Rotation is counted like in the StSq with only one full revolution of the body.

Comparison between Mihara and Medvedeva, data noted with a red circle show a lack. Data noted with a green circle show an advantage.

Total Element Score analysis:

TES comparison between Mai and Evgenia:

TES analysis

Global view of the TES:

Each executed element gets a percentage to get a global view. 100% is the maximum score possible ( GEO +3 to all judge panel).

TES detail analysis

3 elements under 85%:

  • ChSq1
  • FSSp4
  • 3Lo


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